Live Rates

IBJA’s indicative Retail selling Rates for Gold Jewellery

IBJA's indicative Retail selling Rates for
Gold Jewellery (PM)


Fine Gold (999):

₹ 5122

22 KT:

₹ 4948

18 KT:

₹ 4098

14 KT:

₹ 3406

Welcome to Ibja

India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd. (IBJA) was established in 1919, as a result of the prevailing circumstances in the market that warranted an association with multi-faceted approach to the problems and challenges faced by the bullion traders in a newly liberated India. The IBJA has grown in its reach, stature and reputation over the last 65 years since its creation. It has proved to be an unbiased platform and is now considered the Apex association for all bullion and jewellery associations in India. Presently India is the world's largest consumer of Gold bullion, gold jewellery and gold ornaments.

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Dear Friends,
After a Gap of almost 70 days of lockdown, business in Zaveri bazaar has restarted with new normalcy. IBJA has helped in the distribution of hygiene kits to the jewellers in Zaveri Bazar for the safety of their staff and customers. We have distributed sanitisation machine in entire market area and also distributed nearly 500000 meals to jewellery worker and shall do everything best possible to help and protect them.
IBJA is regularly sending sms and covid-19 safety presentations to our members so that they are well informed regarding the safety guidelines to run their business with utmost care during this pandemic. We request our members to diligently follow the safety norms set by the government.
However, commuting for staff and customers in metropolitan cities like Mumbai is impossible without public transport. Migration of labour to their native is also a big hurdle for jewellery manufacturers. However, consumer demand for jewellery is appx 700 tons per year and Zaveri bazaar itself does daily turnover of appx 1100 crore. We expect gradual normalcy in the next three months time and back to normal by October 2020. Many marriages are likely to prepone and expenses on a big fat wedding are likely to shift to jewellery buying. The percentage margin will improve with reduction in operational and marketing cost , which will be positive for industry. Let us all come together for the smooth functioning of our fraternity and fight Covid-19.

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India International Bullion Summit

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Notification on 0% GST on gold jewellery export

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Indian Jewellery Festival (IJF)

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Hallmarking notification

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Our international offices will be opening soon in Dubai, London, Singapore, Ghana and New York

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'IBJA House, 2nd Agiary Lane, Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai - 400002'

+91-22 49098950 / 49098960

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Tanya Rastogi (Lucknow) : +919839107174

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